Adoptees and their loved ones

Adoption is a trauma that affects every adoptee in a myriad of ways. Each adoption is specific to every family and adoptee and requires a trauma-informed, attachment-based, person-centered approach. My goal in my work with fellow adoptees is to first and foremost validate their experiences, and then begin to unpack how this has impacted them and how they can be empowered to live more authentically as their own person. In my work with adoptees and their families I strive to cultivate relationships that can grow and evolve in healthy and authentic ways where true bonds can be formed. 

EFT for couples

Emotion focused couple therapy is an evidence-based brief model of therapy rooted in attachment science. EFT works toward healthy dependency between partners and looks at patterns that define the relationship. The primary goal of the model is to dissect, understand, and re-organize the emotional responses of the couple. The therapist and couple work together to find and utilize new opportunities for bonding. These positive interactions replace old, negative patterns which can create permanent change and promote healing in the long-term. The ultimate goal of EFT is to create a secure bond where each partner can feel truly seen and loved.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

As an intensively-trained DBT therapist, I provide DBT-informed therapy for individuals who may benefit from the structure and skills the model provides. A properly utilized coping plan of DBT skills can offer the client a sense of hope and direction. DBT has been found to be effective in lessening symptoms of depression, anxiety and wide range of disorders/diagnoses. It is often utilized with clients struggling with non-suicidal self injury and suicidal ideations/attempts. Please visit Behavioral Tech's website for more information about DBT and appropriate populations for this evidence-based modality.